Journalism Training & Arab Media Review

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The Journalism Training & Arab Media Review Project focuses on changing how the Arab World portrays itself and the rest of world to its own people via the media. The aim of this particular project is to help Arab media meet global standards of professional journalism. These standards include good and honest reporting that confines itself to the established ethics of the journalistic profession.

Fandy Associates provides technical assistance and training programs to attain these objectives. The technical assistance will provide government and media organizations with the selection criteria needed to recruit promising journalists. We offer a three-week training program in the U.S. and London to improve Arab reporters? journalistic skills through classroom discussions and internships at different media organizations. The first part of the training program is hosted in one of the best journalism schools in the U.S. and the second part of it will be field training at major newspapers.

The media review section of Fandy associates provides a monthly assessment of Arab media reporting with special focus on accuracy, credibility and ethics.