Uncivil War of Words: Media and Politics in the Arab World

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uncivil-war-of-words-media-and-politics-in-the-arab-world.jpgDr. Fandy spent over two years developing this thorough study of the interaction of Arab media within the Arab world and with the West. Much of his analysis may surprise a general reader. Even if not owned by governments, most key media outlets are controlled by autocratic governments–hence, the public/private dichotomy is not as useful as it is in the West. Those who own media outlets use them to push forward their political ideas more directly than Western media do, and being a journalist in his world is very (and too) often a blood sport. The Arab media both shapes and is shaped by the historical and political context of the region. From this Fandy concludes that the media is seldom part of what Western scholars call “civil society.” The US fares poorly in Arab media, partly because it was the target of Soviet propaganda for a half century and inherited all the criticism of Western imperialism. The author suggests the US has to get out of the media business and work through cadres of local supporters if it wants to succeed. Overall, this is certainly the deepest, if not the best, of recent such work. Essential. General readers, graduate students through practitioners. To Buy The Book Read the rest…

Arab Countries Risk Rating Index

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Through our in-depth summaries of political and economic conditions in the Arab world, Fandy Associates rates Arab countries with regard to business opportunities and risks associated with these opportunities.

 Fandy Associates provides its clients with a comprehensive report of existing threats. Ultimately, we provide a client-tailored analysis to inform sound political and economic decisions.

 Fandy Associates staff can also help our clients in establishing the right contacts in the host countries, and in facilitating follow-up conversations. We provide training and orientation for political and business people in how to approach Middle East problems. We offer our clients specific intelligence to help them strategize on the basis of conservative calculated risk.

Journalism Training & Arab Media Review

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The Journalism Training & Arab Media Review Project focuses on changing how the Arab World portrays itself and the rest of world to its own people via the media. The aim of this particular project is to help Arab media meet global standards of professional journalism. These standards include good and honest reporting that confines itself to the established ethics of the journalistic profession.

Fandy Associates provides technical assistance and training programs to attain these objectives. The technical assistance will provide government and media organizations with the selection criteria needed to recruit promising journalists. We offer a three-week training program in the U.S. and London to improve Arab reporters? journalistic skills through classroom discussions and internships at different media organizations. The first part of the training program is hosted in one of the best journalism schools in the U.S. and the second part of it will be field training at major newspapers.

The media review section of Fandy associates provides a monthly assessment of Arab media reporting with special focus on accuracy, credibility and ethics.

Institute for the Study of Terrorism

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The Institute for the Study of Terrorism examines three areas:

?        Terrorist organizations, their networking abilities, and methods

?        States that support or harbor terrorists

?        Other broader trends and movements that make terrorism look legitimate in the eyes of recruits and certain populations/groups.

 Through this study of the triangle of terror, Fandy Associates provides long-term forecasting essential to the decision-making processes of governments and corporate entities alike. Not only do we convey factual information on global terrorism, but we also provide analysis and context that give meaning to these facts.

Muslim Education Technical Assistance Program

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Fandy Associates recognizes that many of the problems plaguing the Middle East stem from and are generated by the rigid infrastructure of Muslim education. As we look at these issues, we realize it is a software problem rather than a hardware problem. For example, Muslim education does not need new schools and buildings; instead it needs the rewriting of the internal software. The central question here is, where and how to intervene in the weak points of Muslim education? Should we start by transforming the curriculum, or should we introduce alternative organizing concepts? The experts at Fandy Associates can provide knowledge regarding key intervention points.

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